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Are aches and pains holding you back from living your best life? Experience the transformational power of massage therapy. Through the methods of relaxation, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, we can calm your senses, relieve your pain and revitalize your life.

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Namaste. Relax, unwind and let yourself go.. Clear your mind and Inhale through your nose with slow, deep breaths.  Exhale slowly and deeply out through your mouth pushing out any tension or tightness. Keep your breaths controlled, concise and methodical.

Whitney Kappes has a unique combination of training in massage techniques and Bikram Yoga. Experience the power of healing your mind, body and spirit by someone who has focused her career on helping people heal their bodies through movement and massage.

Meet Whitney

Whitney Kappes attended the American Institute for Alternative Medicine, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in 2008. She has always been fitness focused. She passionately believes in the curative powers for the body, mind and spirit!

Whitney is also a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor. In the Spring of 2012 she graduated from the challenging, inspirational, life changing Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in California and has taught in Cincinnati, Key West, Mobile, Toledo and Nashville. Whitney loves helping people heal their bodies holistically through regular massage therapy and a dedicated Bikram yoga practice.

Whitney Kappes

Licensed Massage Therapist

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